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This is your brain. This is your brain on multi-tasking….

From time to time I spot and idea that is so great, so fundamental and so important that I…

Wait a minute, my email is coming in, let me just check to see….

Damn, that uh… sigh. How am I going to respond to this one. Hmm. Let me think for a second.

What? Cool. A new video about where Google is going. Let me load it up.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. This fantastic observation.

Oh, that’s the phone. Quick screen share …

I”m back. Where was I? Oh yeah.. This great idea.

What was it? Do you remember? Give me a second to get refocused.

Waitaminute…let me get that. It’s Phill.

Sorry, I’m back… just got interrupted by a phone call. But there you go…the whole morning and I still haven’t finished this damn blog posting.

Frustrated? You should be.  Think this is painful to read?  It’s painful  to write.

This is your brain. This is your brain on multitasking.

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Start me up!

Our company’s clients run the gamut from large muti-nationals to entrepreneurial companies. Although I have to say truly that it’s our large clients that pay the mortgage payment, I love working with startups. They are exciting, on the edge and they haven’t acquired the barnacles that attach to the hull of the older ships. While consulting is an exciting profession, it’s a lot like sailing — for every great sail you get, you have to spend a lot of time scraping the barnacles off the hull.

But as always, I digress….

What I really wanted to share with everyone was a great question that I’m always asked about a new business?  It’s this.  Continue reading

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