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Critical not cynical

My son used to believe advertising.  He was very little at the time.  He would come up to me and say things like, “we should buy this brand, because it — and he’d quote verbatum from the T.V. commercial.”   Being a good parent, I’d take the opportunity to teach him the wisdom that I’d learned over the years — never trust advertising.

Over time, I guess he’s learned.  Slowly.  It’s a difficult process.  He occasionally comes to me with something that’s pulled from an advert, but a lot less frequently.  Eventually, he’ll learn not to trust the ads at all.  He’ll be just like me.

And that’s a shame.

Why?  I was thinking about that this week when I was giving my lecture to my marketing class.  I tried to point out to them that I wanted them to be critical and not cynical.  There is a real distinction. Continue reading

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