A child shall lead them…

We might be the first generation to leave our children impoverished.  We do this based on our own greed.  We justify this based on what?  Our Prime Minister, Mr. Harper – where is he?  Where are we all?

In Ontario where I live, we give mega corporations contracts to build wind-mills and we pay lip service to the small companies – the real developers.
We are screwed up.  The emperor has no clothes.  Who will say this?  A child…


She says that what we do makes her cry at night.  She says that we say we love our children, but challenges us to make our actions suit our words.
Yes, we can applaud and think “how wonderful”.  We can feel misty and think, how wise.

Or we could do something.

The emperor has no clothes.  Say it loud.

Change the game.

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