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If you are really accountable – you resign

Phil Baker….what the hell were you thinking?   For anyone vacationing off planet this week, the Canucks lost and Canada’s reputation for education lost as well.  Philip Baker – the dean of the University of Alberta’s medical school was caught plagiarizing someone else’s convocation speach.

Funny how that works, Phil.  You see, I’m not a Dean.  I’m just a part time instructor at a couple of universities.  And cheating is a real problem for me, anyway.   This year I made a speech to my class – I wrote it myself.  But I fully confess to stealing the ideas from a number of my professors years and years ago — probably about the time you took your undergrad, Phil.   My profs said what I said at that class.

They said – if you cheat and I catch you, the consequences will be severe.   Continue reading

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